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    This Job Search Assistance Form, is a part of the Peery Apartments-Good Tenant Incentive Program, which is designed to help our tenants find the employment they are seeking.  Frequently, the management becomes aware of job opportunities in the area, or employers seeking to fill available positions. We pass that information on to our tenants who are seeking employment, to assist them in their job search efforts.

    If the management becomes aware of an employment opportunity that wee feel you may be suited for, based on the information you provide on this form, you will be notified by our building manager, who will provide you with the employer's contact information. Upon receiving this information, you should contact the employer immediately and request an appointment for a job interview and fill out an application for employment with them.

    Submitting this form to the management of the Peery Apartments is not a guarantee of a job. You should continue any and all job seeking efforts you are currently using, in addition to using this Job Search Assistance Form. Additional job search resources can be found by scrolling down to the Job Search Assistance section on  the 'Programs' page of our website.

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